Sump Pumps, Stayner, ON

You can count on our team to keep your sump pumps working and your basement dry.

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The sump pump is a component of a plumbing system that is designed to keep the area under a building dry and prevent it from flooding. Sump pumps are installed in specially constructed enclosures called sump pits, and both components are typically placed in the lowest part of a basement or crawlspace. The sump pit collects water that flows in from the drains or from natural migration through the soil. From there, the sump pump forces the water out of the pit and away from the building so that the basement stays dry. When sump pumps fail, they can cause flooding or water damage to these parts of a structure.

Sump Pumps in Stayner, Ontario

At Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, we know how important functional sump pumps are to the overall well-being of a home. If you notice water pooling in your basement or crawlspace, call our team right away to inspect your sump pump. You can count on us to determine the source of the issue and to implement the best solution. We’ll have the water cleared away and your sump pump back up and running as soon as possible.

At Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, we are proud to serve the Stayner, Ontario community. We want to help you keep every part of your plumbing in its best working condition, so you never have to worry about leaks, clogs, or other unpleasant issues. Our team of experienced professionals is familiar with every part of a plumbing system, including sump pumps, and we know how to identify and address a whole host of problems that can pertain to them. If you are having issues with your sump pump or any other part of your plumbing, call our team at Anytime Plumbing & Solutions today for a professional inspection.

At Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, we install and repair sump pumps in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Nottawa, and Duntroon, Ontario.