10 Easy Ways to Stop Slow Drains and Clogs [infographic]

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Slow drains that clog all the time are nothing but a pain. To help your drains flow freely and to prevent major clogs, we recommend the following tips:

1.   Save your cooking grease—Instead of pouring cooking oil down the drain, save it in a used aluminum can until it hardens. Then, throw the can away.

2.   Use drain screens—Keep soap scum and hair out of your drains by putting drain screens over all the sinks in your bathroom.

10 Easy Ways to Stop Slow Drains and Clogs [infographic]

3.   Only flush toilet paper—Don’t treat your toilet like a trash can – only flush human waste and toilet paper down into your plumbing system.

4.   Run the hot water in your sinks—Whenever you use a sink or your bathtub, turn the water to hot and let it run for a minute or two to break up grease and debris buildup.

5.   Try natural remedies—A simple solution of baking soda and vinegar or a pot of boiling water can help you clear up minor blockages in your drains before they get out of hand.

6.   Clean out your garbage disposal—On a monthly basis, clean out your garbage disposal with a sturdy disposal brush to cut the grease and slime off the sides of the disposal.

7.   Remove debris from your pop-up stoppers—Pull out any pop-up stoppers from your bathroom sink and remove any debris before putting them back in the drain.

8.   Brush your hair before hopping in the shower—Reduce the amount of hair that goes down the drain in the shower by quickly brushing your hair beforehand.

9.   Wash your pets outside—When the weather’s warm enough, wash your pets outside instead of in the bathtub to keep excess pet hair out of your drains.

10. Schedule regular drain cleaning—Regular, professional drain cleaning is one of the best ways to remove excess buildup from your drains and prevent serious clogs and backups.