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Here at Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, we know that no one likes to waste money. If you have a leaky faucet, you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water a year, causing you to spend money on your utilities that you don’t have to spend. Or, if your faucet is malfunctioning in other ways, failing to take care of the problem could end up causing significant property damage and costing you even more in the long run. To help you avoid this outcome, in this article our team at Anytime Plumbing & Solutions will go over three warning signs that you need faucet repair.

call a plumber for faucet repair

1.  Strange Sounds- In a faucet that’s working properly, the only sound you should hear is that of running water. If you start to hear other sounds coming from your faucet, then you likely need faucet repair. A screeching sound usually indicates a worn-out rubber washer that needs replacing, while clanking or clicking usually indicates a more serious problem.

2.  Rust- Another sure sign that you need faucet repair is the presence of rust or mineral deposits on the fixture. Both rust and mineral accumulation will lead to worse problems down the line if not taken care of quickly, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. When caught early, rust can be taken care of with some lemon juice, but if the problem has grown serious, we encourage you to call our team at Anytime Plumbing & Solutions.

3.  Dripping or Damage- If your faucet drips, it’s likely caused by high water pressure in your pipes or a problem with your valves. Similarly, if you notice that there’s water damage in the area under the sink, you should definitely call a plumber for faucet repair.