Three Common Culprits That Cause Leaky Pipes

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Plumbing problems can be a big pain, especially when you aren’t sure how they started in the first place. One such problem that many people experience is leaky pipes, which can pose immediate threats or become long-term nuisances. So, what exactly causes leaky pipes? Here are some common culprits:

  • 1. Clogged Water Lines- It might not seem like a clog would cause a pipe to leak, but it can! Materials that clog pipes can cause pressure around plumbing joints or create cracks in the pipes themselves, leading to leaking water. It’s important to handle clogged drains and pipes with care so that you don’t cause additional damage to the plumbing while trying to complete a repair.

Three Common Culprits That Cause Leaky Pipes

  • 2. Pipe Damage- Pipe damage can come in all shapes and sizes, which leads to leaks. For example, in the coldest winter months, a frozen pipe can burst, causing leaky pipes when everything finally thaws. Other instances of leaky pipes caused by damage may include broken faucets on sinks or the water connections to toilets and bathtubs.
  • 3. Bad Seals- Within just about every plumbing fixture are plastic seals that help keep all the parts in place and direct water in the right direction. Although these seals are designed to last a long time, eventually they can wear out. When a seal goes bad, it can cause anything from a minor leak to major leaky pipes that need immediate attention.

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