When Sasquatch Clogs Your Shower Drain: Plumbing Services to the Rescue

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At the end of a long workday, there are few things more amazing than stepping into a hot shower to wash away the day’s stress and grime. Turning on the water at full blast, watching the bathroom mirror steam up, maybe lighting a candle for a little fragrance…there is nothing better than the luxury of a nice shower. Until the water level seems to be rising faster than it should in the shallow basin of the shower stall. Upon closer examination, the shower drain is obviously clogged, putting a huge damper on an otherwise relaxing evening.

When Sasquatch Clogs Your Shower Drain: Plumbing Services to the Rescue

Whether you have short hair or long hair, furry pets or just a lot of sock fuzz between your toes, the shower drain can often clog no matter how hard we try to keep it clear of any debris. Even dead skin and soap scum can add to the mess by sticking the hair and other debris onto the walls of the pipes and creating clogs. Left alone for too long without professional plumbing services, a clogged drain can quickly worsen and become a severe backup. Sometimes, the first sign apart from obvious standing water can be a gross smell that floats up from inside the shower drain as a result of debris clinging to the inside of the pipe. If a clogged drain is allowed to fester for too long, the joints of the shower can actually leak and cause flooding inside the bathroom. Plumbing services are crucial to preventing total clogs that can cause water to back up into the shower and potentially cause bathroom flooding.

Aside from shower drains, another frequently clogged area that could use plumbing services are sink drains. Soap scum can create build-up within the pipe over time. Since we all tend to brush our teeth or comb our hair in front of the mirror (thus over the sink), the sink drains can clog almost as quickly as the shower drain. Like with shower drains, slow drainage is often the first sign that something is in need of service.

This is where professional plumbing services from a company like ours can step in to save your shower. Rather than attempting to clean out the drain yourself—which can be incredibly messy, smelly, and time-consuming—allow our plumbing services to take care of the job for you.