How to Tell if You Should Call a Plumber

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While there are some plumbing issues that you can often handle on your own—such as unclogging a toilet—for more serious problems, you will need the help of a professional plumber. In our experience at Anytime Plumbing & Solutions, many people have trouble figuring out where that line is, so we have put together this article to help you make that judgment call. Below, we will go over a few ways to tell whether you should call a plumber.

How to Tell if You Should Call a Plumber

•  Check for Sewage. One guideline we encourage you to follow is that you should always call a plumber when sewage is a concern. If your toilet is still clogged after you plunge it, for example, we recommend that you don’t try any other DIY fixes but, instead, call our team to get our experts on the job. In addition, we also encourage you to call us whenever your drains back up or if you smell any sewage odors in your building.

•  Check for Leaks. Another situation in which we recommend you call a plumber right away is when you suspect you have a leak. Our team has extensive experience in the plumbing industry, and we know how to identify leaks and correct the issue without putting any of the rest of your property at risk of water damage.

•  Better Safe Than Sorry. Overall, we recommend you call a plumber whenever you have even a hint of doubt about whether you can effectively fix the problem yourself. It’s much better to play it safe and hire professionals to deal with small problems than it is to try solving it yourself only to make the situation worse.